Conceptual Schematic C — Ecology & Play

2018_06_14 Great Falls_Scheme_OptionC.jpg



The function of gently sloped areas outside of the river setback is maximized either for stormwater management or play, gathering, and other passive uses. The intersection of Saw Mill Hill and Moulton Street becomes a gateway to downtown Berwick with signage, formalized seating areas, and play elements such as a berm slide and stepping logs. Erosion control methods such as compost socks are used along open steep slopes to mitigate negative effects of stormwater runoff.

The sidewalk introduced along Moulton Street meanders away from traffic to allow for a small detention basin that allows infiltration and passive treatment of runoff from Saw Mill Hill and other impervious surfaces. Moulton Street remains two-way traffic with minimal parking areas near the southern park entry. Benches, picnic tables, and other passive amenities that invite users are introduced along the new meandering sidewalk.

At the southern park entry, off of Moulton Street, pedestrian access is formalized with a universal access ramp and a new detention basin is introduced to mitigate large storm event. The universal access ramp continues on to a pedestrian bridge that links Berwick to downtown Somersworth, NH and an overlook that allows users to take in views of the river and the Old Canal Mill. New play areas are created in and among the mature oak, maple, beech and young cherry while the existing footpaths are maintained and improved to accommodate more traffic.

At both ends of the park, small, site-specific improvements such as boulder steps, check dams, and hand holds are installed along footpaths and at the river’s edge in designated areas.