Tell Us What You Think! Design Schematics Online Now

JULY 2018 — Tell us what you think! Based on community dialogue at two spring design workshops (May 24 & June 14), the designer has proposed three scenarios as a way to explore planning for the final design.

The open feedback period for each of the designs is open through the end of the day on Sunday, July 15. Please comment! It takes a village to make great decisions about land use. Click on each of the designs to magnify.

Site Analysis: The Community Conceptual Design Feedback map (below left) summarizes both the physical aspects of the site and community information about how the site is used. The Watershed Study and Site Impact map (below right) explores site modification concerns in regards to water flow and near-shore development. 

Schematic Designs: Three schematic designs help explore planning for the final design of the site. Click on each to magnify.

Which elements you like about each of the designs? Which elements do you dislike? Can you see yourself visiting this park? Do you use it now? Leave us a comment!