Our Vision

A Legacy Park
for Berwick. 


Phase One: Design & Install Park Along Riverfront

Phase One of the Great Falls Park project takes advantage of two small landings along the eastern riverbank of the Salmon Falls River in downtown Berwick, Maine. Over the past few decades, the areas have been frequented by children for playing and fishing, and those looking for a peaceful spot overlooking the falls. 

In spring of 2018, the Town of Berwick contracted with landscape designer Cornelius Murphy to generate ecologically sensitive designs for the park site. Early ideas include natural play elements, a plant species management plan, and comprehensive access that links various aspects of the park to each other and the downtown.

Community work days will turn the design into reality. 

Site of two landings on the north and south ends of the riverbank along the Salmon Falls River, below the Great Falls Dam and alongside Saw Mill Hill Road and Moulton Street in Berwick.


Phase Two: Bring Back
Historic Pedestrian Bridge

Members of Envision Berwick's Great Falls Park Subcommittee and the Berwick Historical Society have identified the site of a historic pedestrian bridge that once crossed the river from the southernmost landing to Somersworth's historic mills. The bridge once existed as a way for people from Berwick to walk to and from work at the mills. The two Berwick groups are working to bring a pedestrian bridge back to the site, creating a riverfront pedestrian loop around the Berwick-Somersworth downtown. 


Kim Myers' 1992 concept plan, which coined the Great Falls Park name.


Phase Three: Greenway Connection

Phase Three of the Great Falls Park project proposes connecting the pocket parks to a wider trails system in Berwick-Somersworth. Proposals include connecting the park to an urban trail northward through downtown Berwick to the Penny Pond Trails, connecting to Somersworth's riverfront trails, and working towards a connection to the Great Works Regional Land Trust Kaplan parcel. We'll be fleshing out Phase Three in the months to come, so stay tuned. 

Are you a trail-Loving volunteer? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Berwick Greenway concept from a 2014 community design charrette.